Academics – Senior High School

Preparation for a Productive Life

The goal of the senior high school is to prepare students to live productive lives; therefore, the senior high school concentrates on preparation for college, preparation for career, and the preparation of character. The curriculum of the upper school is designed to meet college entrance requirements of California junior colleges, California state colleges, and the University of California or private universities. We also try to maintain the flexibility in our program to allow students to pursue preparation for careers in trades and other jobs that don’t require a college background. Biblical study in the high school seeks to expand each student’s knowledge of the Scriptures, the foundations of Christianity, and his or her personal relationship with God.

The high school’s curriculum uses the resources of North Valley Christian School’s staff as well as opportunities offered in the local community, which include taking classes at local junior colleges, doing independent study, and internships with local businesses and tradesmen as the schedule allows.

High school graduates from North Valley Christian School have attended the best schools in the nation, including the U.S. Air Force Academy, George Washington University, UCLA, USC, and others. Our graduates are busy pursuing careers in business and finance, the military, politics and government, education, the ministry, scientific research, engineering, carpentry, art, writing, photography, computer programming, music, and drama, all a testimony to their preparation here at North Valley Christian School.

Senior High School Curriculum


English 9 and 10, American, World, and Classical Literature, with honors sections available in each, Composition, Creative and Expository Writing, Speech, Journalism, Greek Mythology.


World Geography and Cultures, World History, American History, Economics, American Government, and Civics. European and AP History available online.


Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and Honors Algebra. Trigonometry, Pre-calculus and Calculus offered through the junior college program.


Physical Science with lab, Biology with lab, and Chemistry with lab, with honors sections in each. Physics, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry are offered through the junior college program.

Foreign Language

Spanish 1 and 2, Latin and Greek. French, German, and Italian are offered online or through the junior college program.

Visual and Performing Arts

Music Appreciation, 2-D and 3-D Art, Ceramics, Drama, Concert Choir, Film Studies, Video Production, Digital Photography, and Theater Production are taught as elective classes. Art History, study of instruments or voice, etc., are offered as elective choices through private instruction or through the junior college program.

Technology and Life Skills

Computer Literacy, Home Economics, Personal Finance, and Early Childhood Education are taught as elective choices. Career Education fulfills the requirement for graduation. Accounting, secretarial skills, and purchasing are taught through working with school departments, internships in businesses in the local community, through online study, or the junior college program.

Biblical Studies

Study of both Old and New Testaments with an emphasis on Biblical history and geography, World Religions, Christian Ethics, History of the North American Church, The New Testament Church, and our personal, daily walk with God and Jesus Christ are taught.


North Valley Christian School electives are taught based upon the skills of the staff and the schedule openings each semester. Juniors and Seniors are allowed to take electives at local Los Angeles junior colleges as the schedule permits.


During their senior year, students may intern with prospective employers or get “on the job training” in the career area of their choice as an elective class as the schedule permits.


North Valley Christian School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Our school has a long tradition of excellence in preparation of its students for college or whatever career path they might choose to pursue. We are proud of our accreditation status.

Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Accrediting Commission for Schools
533 Airport Blvd., Suite 200, Burlingame, CA 94010
Phone: +1 650.696.1060

Senior High School Graduation Requirements

Students graduate with a total of 260 credits. Ten credits are given for a year-long course, five credits for a semester-long class. Junior college classes earn ten high school credits for a semester-long class.

North Valley Christian School
(Graduation Requirements)
Cal State University (CSU)
(Admissions Requirements)
University of California (UC)
(Admissions Requirements)
ENGLISH 40 credits 40 credits 40 credits
30 credits
(includes World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government, & Economics)
20 credits
(includes U.S. History & U.S. Government)
20 credits
(includes 1 year World History, and 1 year U.S. History & Government)
MATH 30 credits
(includes Algebra, Geometry, & Intermediate Algebra)
30 credits
(from Algebra, Geometry, & Intermediate Algebra, or higher mathematics—40 credits recommended)
30 credits
(from Algebra, Geometry, & Intermediate Algebra, or higher mathematics—40 credits recommended)
SCIENCE 20 credits (lab)
(includes 10 credits in Biology & 10 credits in Chemistry or Physics)
20 credits (lab)
(chosen from Biology, Chemistry, & Physics)
20 credits (lab)
(chosen from Biology, Chemistry, & Physics; 30 recommended)
20 credits
(same language)
20 credits
(same language)
20 credits
(30 recommended, same language)
10 credits 10 credits
(same course)
10 credits
(same course)
ELECTIVES 40 credits 10 credits
(approved academic or fine arts electives)
10 credits
(approved academic or fine arts electives)
40 credits 0 credits 0 credits
5 credits 0 credits 0 credits
PE &
25 credits
(includes 5 credits Health)
0 credits 0 credits

260 credits required for graduation