Academics – Overview

The Learning Experience

The learning experience at North Valley Christian School balances discipline with creative expression and encourages excellence, exploration, and thoughtful reasoning. Students are offered a solid, experienced-based curriculum that stresses fundamentals, enabling students to use their creativity and imaginations. Field trips and projects are used to extend and apply the knowledge gained in the classroom setting.

The Elementary School program creates a firm foundation for academic, physical, spiritual, and social growth. Field trips, creative projects and research are used to extend and solidify learning, and to give students creative expression.

In Junior High School, students are exposed to an increasingly mature environment. Projects, field trips, research, and hands-on and fun-filled activities are still a major part of the academic program, but are coupled with lecture and discussion on a more sophisticated level. The Junior High School program is designed to meet the needs of the students both academically and socially, as social needs are increasingly important at this time of life.

The goal of the Senior High School is to prepare students to live productive lives; therefore, the Senior High School concentrates on preparation for college, preparation for career, and the preparation of character. The curriculum of the high school is designed to meet college entrance requirements of California junior colleges, California state colleges, and the University of California or other private universities. Graduates of North Valley Christian School are well prepared for the demands of both college and career.

Homework Policy

Homework is given in every grade, starting in Kindergarten. The assignments reinforce skills and concepts taught during the school day, and provide additional practice for students. As they complete the required homework assignments, students strengthen their academic and organizational skills, as well as learn personal responsibility. Parents can access their children’s grades and academic calendar through North Valley Christian School’s web-based parent communication system (Sycamore Education).

Year-End Class Trips

Elementary classes and the 8th and 12th grades take year-end field trips that correspond to their studies. Each class participates in fundraising activities throughout the year to help sponsor the trip. The Junior High 8th grade class outings have included beach day trips, Disneyland, and local theatrical productions such as The Lion King and Cirque du Soleil. High School trips have included Ireland, Hawaii, Washington, D.C., New York City, Spain, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, and Brazil.

Extra-Curricular Program

The extra-curricular program classes change from year to year. Please contact the school office for the classes offered for the current school year.