Academics – Junior High School

Growth, Increased Responsibilities, and Fun!

In junior high school, students are exposed to an increasingly mature environment. Projects, field trips, research, and hands-on and fun-filled activities are still the foundation of the academic program, but are coupled with lecture and discussion on a more sophisticated level. Students in the junior high school find themselves with more individual responsibility. The junior high program is designed to meet the needs of the students spiritually, academically and socially, as social needs become increasingly important during these years. Students in the junior high school are transitioned from the contained classrooms of the elementary program into the departmentalized program of the junior high where students have specialized teachers and change classrooms. Some thematic subjects are taught to the 7th & 8th grades in combination, while others are taught to each grade individually, such as Bible and History. Each junior high student’s coursework includes four academic subjects, one elective subject, physical education and Bible study of the Old and New Testaments with application to students’ personal lives. Junior high is a time of preparation for high school, of growth, and of fun!

In addition to academics, junior high school students may broaden their interests through involvement in student government and community service. Students are encouraged to participate in available community sports programs and leagues.

Eighth Grade Promotion

Promotion from North Valley Christian School’s eighth grade into the high school program requires that students be in good academic standing. Students must carry a “C” average in their junior high core courses to be considered for the high school program.

Junior High Curriculum

  • Language Arts, including literature emphasizing deepening reading comprehension and inference skills, grammar, spelling, and composition.
  • Pre-Algebra and Integrated Math.
  • Life Science with laboratory, Health, Earth Science with laboratory.
  • Medieval and early modern history, American history from the Revolutionary War through the 19th century.
  • Elective courses consist of Animal Behavior, Ceramics, Concert Choir, Computer Science, Drama, Drawing, General Art, Home Economics, Marine Biology, Robotics, and others.
  • Physical Education emphasizing team sports, skills, and physical fitness.
  • Bible Study emphasizing the reading of the Old and New Testaments by each student with discussion and application to their daily lives.
  • Introductory Spanish.


The junior high program is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

North Valley Christian School has a long tradition of excellence in preparation of its students for college or whatever career path they might choose to pursue. We are proud of our accreditation status.

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Accrediting Commission for Schools
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