Faith & Character

Diversity of Faith and Culture

Students attending North Valley Christian School come from a variety of faiths and cultures. We love the diversity of God’s family and make every attempt to make our Bible studies and chapel times applicable to all students’ lives, no matter what their backgrounds. As a private Christian school, North Valley Christian School strives to have the Lord and His principles as our foundation, and we hope to provide an atmosphere for each child to find his or her own relationship with God. We encourage each family to take the opportunity to discuss, teach, and impart their faith to their children, as the home is where this instruction really begins.

Bible Classes and Chapel

Bible classes are an integral part of our program, providing students with an anchor and foundation from which to grow spiritually. Students are exposed to studies from both the Old and New Testaments and are encouraged in their own personal relationship with God. Bible classes are held regularly in all grades. Chapel times present an important opportunity for students to gather together as a school family and worship, study the Word, and pray for family, national, and global concerns.

A very special and distinguishing aspect of the Bible curriculum involves the celebration of the Biblical Feasts of Purim, Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. These celebrations not only bring Biblical characters and events to life, but are also memorable school traditions and a special time of relating among the students.

Community Service

As part of North Valley Christian School’s curriculum, we endeavor to teach responsibility for the family, for the church, for the school, and for the community. Therefore, students from first grade through high school are involved each year in giving back to the San Fernando Valley community. Community service activities include visiting nursing facilities, volunteering at local food banks, organizing food and clothing drives, and participating in other San Fernando Valley community outreach opportunities.

Character Development

Our goal together as a school community is to become men and women of integrity and character. Students are asked to apply principles of respect, kindness, honesty, and communication in their daily relationships with peers, teachers, and other adults. Responsibility is taught through service opportunities in the school and community. We encourage our older students to set examples and act as role models for our younger students. We hope to develop in each student an appreciation for his or her own unique worth, as well as an honoring of the worth of others.