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School Leadership Elective

North Valley Christian School’s student learning outcomes encompass specific expectations for student graduates. These fall into three broad categories: faith, character, and knowledge. We strive to accommodate student requests for involvement and activities when that can be done within the guidelines of our student outcomes.

Starting in the second semester, the student leadership class is being offered for junior high and high school students. This class is a way to promote student self-confidence and self-reliance. It allows participants to become contributing members of the school community. Student leadership is one of our student learning outcomes. We are excited to see the class offered again.

Student leaders are now involved in activities around the school campus, such as flag salute, chapel, and working with teachers to help with classroom housekeeping. These students planned this year’s Spirit Week with very fun and creative daily activities which the elementary, junior high, and high students loved.

The leadership class also helped plan and promote the upcoming Color Fun Run fundraising event. We appreciate student leaders; they are such an example to younger students!