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Chapel: The Sower and the Seed

Chapel began today with songs led by Mrs. Lincoln’s class, including “This Little Light of Mine,” “The B-i-b-l-e,” and “Jesus Loves Me.” We put our whole being into worshiping God with those songs. It was wonderful.

Afterward, the students were each given a cup with about a dozen beans. From one tiny bean, a stalk would grow that could produce up to 60 beans, or 60 seeds. That is amazing. It is a miracle of reproducing 60, 70, maybe even a hundred beans from one.

We saw a time-lapse video of a bean growing over twenty-five days (Bean Time-Lapse – 25 days|soil cross section). We all were amazed at the ability of that dancing bean stalk and the supporting root system to grow and become.

What makes a healthy plant grow? God takes care of the plants and gives them all the ingredients they need to grow: sunlight, water, good soil, and love and the occasional talking to.

For the last part of the story we saw the Parable of the Sower.  How can we keep our soil in good shape so a healthy plant can grow from a seedling? One way is to keep our hearts open to God’s love, like the sunshine. We let Him shine on our hearts and in our lives. We are sowers and we can exchange their beans with one another as we do good things in word and deed with one another. We are sowing God’s love in each other’s hearts. (Matthew 13:1-23)

We had a short prayer and thanked the Lord for His gift of Christ to us and we pray that He would find soil prepared for the seeds of love and kindness to grow in our hearts.