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Chapel: God’s Power

We gathered together indoors this morning for chapel since the weather is considerably cooler. Mrs. Lincoln’s singers helped lead our worship, including acting out with “Father Abraham.” Ms. V’s kindergarten class shared some Thanksgiving art work they had prepared for the holiday. The third graders read together from Psalm 118.

Our morning scripture was from Mark 5:25, about the woman who was sick for twelve years. This woman had suffered for a long time at the hands of many doctors who were unable to heal her. She had spent a lot of money to try and get relief. This woman was hurting. She wanted to touch the edge of Jesus’ robe and believed she would be healed.

Now Jesus was very popular and there was a crowd all around him, like a movie star. Everyone was trying to get close. People were crowding him and pressing in just to be next to Him. Jesus suddenly stopped and asked, “Who touched Me?”

Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, everyone is touching You.”

“I felt the virtue (God’s power) leave me,” Jesus replied.

Do you know how lightning happens? It doesn’t just strike anywhere. It is very specific. It looks for a collection of positive ions grouping together and the electrons in the lightning are attracted to it and Bam! It happens. It is like the positive end of a magnet sticking to the negative end of a magnet. Bam, they come together. That is what happened with this woman. Her positive faith reached out and touched the hem of His clothes, and Bam. The lightning of God flowed down and struck the diseased area of this woman and, as fast as turning on a light, she was healed. The blessing of God came down into that woman’s life, and it came through Jesus.


God works through us. We are His instruments. The lightning of God can come through us and pass through us to bless others. Often, we feel and see an anointing from God in our hands.

We are thankful to be a part of Operation Christmas Child, and want to bless those who will receive them. Our shoe boxes from Samaritan’s Purse were filled by our students. We had these in chapel under our chairs this morning along with an oil soaked napkin. We asked God to bless the virgin oil that was on the paper towel. We blessed it and then rubbed it onto the outside of the boxes. We rubbed the top. We rubbed the sides and the bottom. We rubbed all around that blessed box. We prayed to bring God down and bless these boxes that wherever and whenever a child gets one of these boxes, they are going to be so happy and so open that the blessing of God is going to Bam! It will come to them and heal sadness, hurt, and bless their life.

Whoever opens one is going to receive the blessing and love from each Operation Christmas Child box.