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Chapel: Queen Esther and Purim

“For a time such as this, you were born.” These were Mordecai’s words to Queen Esther as she went before the king to save her people. We, too, are born for such a time as this. God has sent us to do something for Him on this earth that almost no one else can do. We are special to God’s plan.

Esther was raised by her Uncle Mordecai to raise after her parents died, according to Jewish tradition. She was an only child; God had a plan for her. She grew up to become Queen of Persia. She didn’t tell the king that she was Jewish. The time came when she had to let the king know, which put her life on the line. Mordecai had told her that she was born for such a time as this, and Esther trusted in the Lord. She went to the king to let him know the truth and hopefully save the Jewish people. She did, and she lived. She also exposed the Haman, the source of lies and death, and he was hung. It is important that each of us knows who we are, and that we speak up when it is necessary.

Each group of students took a character from the story of Esther. We used necklaces, masks, hats, and noise makers. Queen Esther’s group cheered every time her name was mentioned. Haman’s group would boo and hiss when his name was mentioned. It was wonderful pandemonium. We enjoyed the traditional Hamantaschen treats to replenish our strength. Happy Purim!