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Chapel: Pray for Ukraine

In chapel this morning, first grader Izzy led us in a chorus of “Jesus Loves Me” using American Sign Language. With the enthusiastic support of her classmates, she got everyone to sign the chorus with her. We are letting our lights shine where ever we go. That’s something to keep in mind – shine and bloom where you are planted.

Afterwards, we viewed a world map of Christian schools. There was one school in Ukraine where the children had written a letter on ACSI prayer day, February 15. The letter mentioned the Russian threat that is now an invasion. We prayed for the school’s students, the school’s teachers, the people of Kyiv, and their country.

The third and fourth graders had done some art work displaying their prayers. Topics included family and government. We discussed how our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against wickedness in high places. We are responsible to pray for our leaders. The prophets of old moved this way. They could help set people free from tyrants. We want people to be free to worship and free to love the Lord. We want the people of Ukraine to be free.