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Chapel: Prayer

Mr. Barker asked if anyone knows what prayer is? Izzy said, “I pray.”

Very few people know what prayer really is. When telephones were first invented and put in homes, many people had a party line. These were shared among neighbors. If someone needed to make a call for an emergency, they would have to clear the line of all the neighbors first. If everyone was talking and using the line, then another person could not make a call. They would have to clear the line to talk to the doctor in an emergency.

It’s the same with God, our Heavenly Father. We want to have a clear connection with Him. Christ said that we should go into our closets and shut the door when we want to pray. Shut out all the surrounding noise. Make it just between yourself and God so there is a connection with our Heavenly Father. We all need alone time with our Father. When it’s clear and quiet, we can hear His voice and are confident that He is listening. We can start our prayer for others.

We sang the song, “It’s me, it’s me, it’s me, oh, Lord, Standing in the Need of Prayer.”

February 15 is ACSI’s Day of Prayer.  We prepare our hearts to learn more about praying and prayer.