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Chapel: Merry Christmas!

This is the season of a big birthday! While we decorate, send cards, and exchange presents, it’s important to remember who we are celebrating. When Jesus was born, God wanted people to rejoice in a pure, clean atmosphere, with people united in praise welcoming the son of God into the world. In that spirit of celebration, we had a mini Christmas party over Zoom full of song and dance. And a little learning!

The 5/6 grade class presented the symbols of Christmas. We were also treated to a rendition of the “12 Days of Christmas” and a video about the holiday!

The K/1 class shared their hand-drawn Christmas greetings! It was such a treat to see their art.

We finished chapel with a few songs. The shepherds heard the songs of the angels and shared in the celebration!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our NVCS family!