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Chapel: Listening to God

Let’s talk about Samuel. When he was a child, he heard the voice of God. But how was he able to hear Him? His ears! Ears are important. God put them on the side of your head for a reason. You have to learn to hear God. Samuel was just a kid who started working to “earn his ears”- to hear what God wanted for him.

In the Bible, sometimes when God spoke, people didn’t have the right ears; they thought it was thunder. Or they thought an angel was speaking (which is close.) Only a few people knew it was God. Only a few had trained ears to hear God. What can we do to hear God?

Samuel went to a priest to learn how to hear God. Shema Yisreal-Hear, O Israel! He learned by serving, by doing his chores around the temple. He did everything he was told to do, right away without grumbling. His pure heart caught God’s attention. When Samuel heard God’s voice, he thought the priest Eli was calling him. He went to him quickly. Eli knew the Lord was talking to Samuel and told him to respond, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening,” 1 Samuel 3:9.

Samuel heard God speak. Learn to be obedient and instant in your response to the Lord. Listen for His voice!



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