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Chapel: Sukkot

What’s coming up in a month? The Presidential Election! We pray for the Lord’s direction for the country. Also, the President has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Let us pray for healing! Many voiced their hope for the future and for the love of the Lord to guide us.

We continue with our lesson on the Feast of Tabernacles. Last Friday, we discussed Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and celebrated the new year with apples and honey.

Today we covered the joyous holiday of sukkot which means booth or tabernacle. Like a lean-to or tent, the sukkah traditionally has three sides and a roof of thatch or branches. Built uniquely by each family, and placed anywhere in any space outside, they are lived in for a week. This commemorates the period after the Jewish people escaped Egypt and lived in temporary dwellings in the desert. Waved in celebration are the etrog, a yellow citron fruit, and the lulav, a bound cluster of date palm, myrtle, and willow branches. Much like you would wave a flag or pom-pom at a parade!

This is a time to shed our material attachments and live simply surrounded by the Lord’s presence. As Christians, we celebrate how God’s presence is available to us all the time. He tabernacles, lives within us, in our daily lives. Jesus is an example of how God dwells with us, inside us. We can spend every day with Him knowing that our body can be like a sukkah that God builds and inhabits.

Does everybody have a place that they can go for personal reflection? A place to think on who you are to be and what the Lord has called you to do? Take this time to discover your own spirit with guidance from the Lord.