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Feast of Tabernacles Celebration 2020

An important and unique part of North Valley Christian School’s Bible curriculum involves the celebration of the biblical feasts. The Feast of Tabernacles commemorates the time when God’s presence dwelt or “tabernacled” with the children of Israel in the wilderness after their exodus from Egypt. This teaching is a part of our Bible curriculum, and the celebration is a fun way to bring the biblical characters and events to life.

In year’s past, we celebrated and learned about this feast with building sukkahs, or tents, in the soccer field and shared snacks and gifts. This year, we discussed the different portions of the feast during chapel over three weeks. We heard the blast of a shofar, ate apples and honey, and watched a video of a family in Israel building their sukkah.

We took this time to understand the Jewish traditions and to learn how as Christians we can implement these ideas in our faith. Jesus set the example of how the Father can dwell with us. We spend time with Him in personal reflection to discover out spirits with guidance from the Lord!