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Spring Fundraiser—Color Fun Run and Carnival—Raises Over $18,000 for Centers of Learning!

After three weeks of gathering pledges and building anticipation, Centers of Learning held its annual Spring Fundraiser featuring our first ever Color Fun Run on Saturday, April 21st. Teachers, parents, family members, friends and alumni all gathered together to cheer on the toddler to 12th grade students. Each student wore a white t-shirt and as they as they raced, jogged and walked around the track they were splashed with “Color Fun Run” powder paint every time they crossed the finish line.

The 7th-12th graders started the day, taking the track at 9 a.m., with many of the students running for almost 30 minutes straight. Then it was the 4th-6th graders turn. As classmates got tired during the run, students would stop and walk with each other, encouraging them to keep going. While the students ran/walked the track, onlookers enjoyed popcorn, cotton candy, free coffee and visiting with one another. Up next was the 1st-3rd graders. For some of these students, this was their second run of the day as a few of them ran earlier with their older siblings.

Before the early childhood students began their run, our principals, Ms. Margo and Ms. Eadson, led the students in some quick stretches and then they were off! The Kindergartners and Pre-K surprised everyone with all of their energy running for almost 20 minutes. The Preschool and Toddlers were not only cheered on but joined by many of their parents, as they ran around the track together. One of the toddlers was so into it that he ran five full laps, over a half mile, before their time was over.

After the run, it was time for a delicious BBQ lunch over at the Rayen Resort where the carnival had already begun. Created and hosted by the 7th-12th grade, the carnival included a large bouncy obstacle course, arts and crafts booth, face painting, and games such as skee ball and milk bottle toss where you could win fun prizes.

The students raised over $18,000 for Centers of Learning! It was such a great family day with lots of exercise and having fun together. Thank you to everyone who pledged the students and to the many volunteers who helped make such a wonderful day happen!