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The Senior Class of 2017 Graduates!

With a standing room only crowd, the Centers of Learning senior class of 2017 graduated on Saturday afternoon, June 10. Pastor Matt Walkoe gave the commencement address, drawing a parallel between this time in life and the story of the rebuilding of the 2nd temple in the book of Ezra. When the temple foundation was laid, many of the priests and old men who had seen the first temple, wept with a loud voice while the young men shouted aloud for joy, because the temple was being built and they had not seen the original temple. Likewise, with graduation, there are tears as this is the completion of a phase in life, but there is also great joy for what’s been accomplished and anticipation for the future.

As each student walked up and stood to receive their diploma, Ms. Grill told fun stories about them, spoke of their unique talents and qualities and what their plans are for the future. Then each graduate had the opportunity to give a speech, thanking all of those who had helped them become who they are and get to this moment. Each student’s speech was deeply meaningful and heartfelt. With the final turning the of the tassels, Ms. Christa Eadson graduated this outstanding class.

This class stands as an example of the exceptional graduates Centers of Learning produces. Some of these graduates have gone to Centers of Learning their whole life, others joined this class in their junior or senior year, but all of them discovered potential they didn’t know they had and grew tremendously while at Centers of Learning. Congratulations graduates! We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see all that you accomplish.

Centers of Learning’s class of 2017 graduates are: Mikey Cabral, Michael Campion, Sydney Day, Marcus Fernandez, Michael Green, Cecilia Grillo, Michael Hart, Madison Marasa, and Noah Ramirez.