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Congratulations Team Torch!

Team Torch competed with 21 L.A. teams at the First Tech Challenge Robotics Qualifying Tournament on Saturday, 12-14-13. We performed extremely well during the Robot Design judged event, demonstrating our unique omni wheel drive system and Robot C programming code as well as our innovative manipulator hand and hanging systems.

In the robot competition, Team Torch won four out of five of our qualifying matches and was ranked number 3 out of 21 teams. In the afternoon Championship rounds, our alliance was unfortunately eliminated in a tie-breaker match for the finals.

Throughout the day our team worked on our robot in the pits to improve its performance and reliability while still finding time to help a number of other teams with their programming, technical issues, even loaning parts to those that needed them.

One of the tournament organizers said, “I get shivers down my spine when I am around your team. They are destined for greatness. Thank you for all you did today. We will see you in the championships, I am sure.” And so are we!

Thanks to all who participated and supported the hard work necessary to create this most successful experience for Centers of Learning Team Torch.

Our second Qualifying Tournament will be held at Glendale Community College on Saturday, January 25, 2014.